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Pets Common Ailments

Von Willebrand Disease
This is an inherited blood clotting disorder. When a dog bleeds the platelets together with a plasma protein called the von Willebrand factor and other substances...
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Seek medical attention if your dog is repeatedly vomiting, projectile vomiting or vomiting blood. Take a sample to the veterinarian. Causes can be ulcers, a foreign material...
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Vision Loss in Pets
Slow vision loss is harder to detect. Your pet may begin bumping into objects, appear clumsy, look lost or disoriented or become easily startled.
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Skin Infections in pets
Hot spots are localized skin infections. They can be caused by fleas, mites, bacteria, fungus, allergies or irritants like a harsh shampoo. Essential fatty acid...
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Seizures in pets
This is an abnormal disturbance of the brains function that results in change of physical actions (convulsion) and/or behavioral change. Seizures are usually short, less than 1 to 3 minutes in length, followed by...
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Respiratory infections
Pets can pick up this infection from contact with infected animals. There are upper and lower respiratory conditions. Upper affect the eyes, nose or throat. Lower affect...
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Pemphigus is an autoimmune disease (where the body mistakenly forms antibiotics against parts of itself), which affects the blood supply to the nail bed.
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Pannus in Pets
Pannus is an eye disease that is a chronic, immune-mediated corneal disease that affects the eye and if not treated it can cause blindness. The eyes...
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Osteosarcoma is an aggressive cancer of the bone. Symptoms...
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Liver Disease in pets
Liver disease is also called hepatitis. The liver plays a key role in digestion, metabolism, detoxification and protein and vitamin production. The disease can be caused by viral or bacterial infections, toxic chemicals or...
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Kidney Disease in Pets
Kidneys cleanse the blood and maintain proper levels of water and salt within the body. Poisons such as antifreeze, toxins and certain drugs can damage the kidneys. Bacterial...
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Internal Parsites
Dogs contact internal parasites by eating uncooked infected meat, coming in contact with infested soil, stools of infested dogs and ingesting fleas...
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Insect Bites
If your pet has a light coat then it is more susceptible to insect bites. Fleas, ticks, spiders, mosquitoes and bee stings are common causes of bite reactions in dogs. Always...
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Incontinence is a condition where there is involuntary passing of urine. Treatment...
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This occurs when the thyroid does not produce enough hormones to function properly. Metabolism slows down.
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Hip Dysplasia in Pets
When the hip joint doesn’t develop properly then over time chronic arthritis develops. Hip Displasia Symptoms...
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Heat Stroke in Pets
Elevated body temperature ( 105 degrees or more) becomes life-threatening. The most common causes are leaving a pet in a car or other confined space without adequate ventilation, in a yard without shade, or excessive exercise on a hot day. Seizures or severe muscle spasms can also increase body temperature. An anxious...
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Heartworm Disease
Heartworm is a serious disease. Sometimes symptoms will not show up until the disease is well advanced. Heartworms are long thin white worms transmitted to dogs by mosquitoes. They can live in the right side of the heart and the adjacent blood vessels where they feed off nutrients in...
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Animal Heart Disease
Unlike people, pets do not have heart attacks because of the difference in how the blood is supplied to the heart muscle. However, cancer, heartworm infection and heart failure are types of heart disease common to the pets...
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Hearing Loss in Animals
Just like people, pets can lose some or all of their hearing. Sometimes an ear inflection, a ruptured eardrum, blocked ear canals or fluid in the ear can occur and treatment can...
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Glaucoma is pressure buildup in the eyeball that overtime can cause serious damage to the structure of the eye and can cause blindness. Glaucoma symptoms
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Fleas and Ticks
Fleas are wingless blood-sucking parasites that can carry diseases such as tapeworm and can spread from dog to dog or dog to humans. They look like small brownish red seeds and are often visible only when your pet starts to bite and scratch.
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A dogs normal temperature range is 100-102.7. A body temperature that is higher than 103 or lower than 100 degrees will need medical attention. Fever Symptoms...
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Ear Mites
Ear Mites are small parasites that infest the ear canals causing severe itching. Mites are transferred from one pet to another through contact. Ear Mites symptoms include...
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Diarrhea occurs when food travels through the digestive system too quickly, resulting in insufficient moisture being absorbed. Usually the intestines become irritated and inflamed...
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Diabetes is a condition where the cells of the body cannot consume the glucose from the blood. If diabetes is not treated it will lead to premature death. Diabetes symptoms include...
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Cysts are lumps or bumps that grow on the inside or outside of the body. They are hollow sacs that are soft and contain liquid or solid non-painful red inflamed material and...
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Cuts and Wounds in Animals
First aid for a wound is to first stop the bleeding and then prevent contamination. Any wound or cut that is bleeding heavily, appears hot or swollen at the sight, or appears painful needs emergency treatment. It is important to...
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Corns are found on the footpads and are characterized as a hard circular spot. They are very painful since they extend deep into the pad. Primarily this condition...
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Communicable canine and Feline diseases
The purpose of the vaccines is to prevent an infection. They contain antigens which are components of bacteria or viruses. The immune system produces antibodies that are designed to neutralize the antigens. If the body comes across the actual bacteria or virus then the immune system...
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Animal Constipation
Usually as a dog gets older, feces can stay in the intestines longer than is necessary and too much moisture is absorbed from the stools causing them to become dry and hard. Diet appears to play a significant role.
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Cherry Eye
Cherry Eye is when the “third eyelid” pops out and becomes engorged with blood, looking like a small cherry in the inside corner...
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Animal Cancer
Cancer is a growth that invades the surrounding tissues and spreads to other parts of the body through the bloodstream. This uncontrolled multiplication of cells takes over...
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This is a condition where the stomach fills with air and then twists over on itself. It interferes with breathing and the stomach looses blood supply resulting in shock...
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BLadder Infection and Stones
When bacteria enter the bladder it causes an infection which lead to irritation, which causes the muscles in the bladder to spasm and an urge to urinate becomes more often. Typically
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Pet Arthritis
As your pet ages it may show signs of achy inflamed joints and stiffness which usually appear when your dog is trying to get up after a nap, during a long walk or when attempting to jump up onto the sofa. Arthritis results from...
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Pets Anemia
In this condition, the normal red blood cells or the hemoglobin in the body are reduced. Anemia is the reduction in circulating red blood cells thus...
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Anal Sacks
The anal sacs are a pair of glands found beneath the skin around the anus. These glands normally squeeze out a small amount of bad-smelling fluid during the bowel ...
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Allergies in dogs
Dogs can develop allergies just like people where the immune system can overreact to pollens, molds, food proteins and flea saliva. These substances enter the body through...
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