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Seek medical attention if your dog is repeatedly vomiting, projectile vomiting or vomiting blood. Take a sample to the veterinarian. Causes can be ulcers, a foreign material in the stomach or esophagus or a number of other causes.

Chronic vomiting may occur when the stomach is constantly inflamed and irritated. Vomiting yellowish bile-stained fluid or foam early in the morning, when the stomach if empty, is a disorder that occurs within the stomach lining is injured because of chronic “back flush” of bile and pancreatic enzymes. Usually the dog is otherwise healthy.


For mild vomiting, hold back food and water for 8 hours; then offer ice cubes and a bland diet.

For chronic vomiting, often feeding several meals throughout the day with one at bedtime helps. It keeps the stomach full.

If your dog does not improve in 24 hours, contact your veterinarian. To pinpoint the cause a complete physical and health screening are needed. X-rays and ultrasound may also be required. An endoscope can be used to check for masses and to obtain tissue samples for analysis of the presence of ulcers, bacteria or parasites.

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