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Health Articles

New Flea & Tick Protection
Three of the largest veterinary pharmaceutical companies have come out with new products that have revolutionized flea and tick protection and may impact what you choose to treat your pet with.
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What is a Pyometra/Uterine Infection?
Getting our dogs spayed has been recommended for years. The reasons are multifold. One of the main obvious reasons is so that more puppies aren't born into the world further filling up our shelters. Another reason is because intact females have statistically been shown to get mammary cancer when not spayed. A third, and very important reason, is so that dogs don't develop pyometras.
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Pannus/Eye Problem
Pannus, also called chronic superficial keratitis, is an eye condition common in greyhounds. It is indicated by an inflammatory disorder of the cornea, which is the outer most surface of the eye. German Shepherds also have an inherited predisposition to pannus.
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Warning To All Dog Owners-Xylitol
Even if you don't have a dog, I'm sure you know.
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Towel Collars: The Quickest Way to Make a Head Restraint
Many times an injured dog will find a ways to open sutures your vet spent so much time (as well as your dollars) doing or will lick it's wounds profusely, sometimes causing infection or irritation. One of the quickest, easiest and most effective ways to thwart this behavior is to make a towel collar.
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Canine Laser Therapy Works
lasers have been around for a few years now and it is certainly easy to be skeptical of them. Wave a wand over a dog's body and it gets better? Like magic? It just sounds too good to be true!
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Inconsistent Eating: What do I do?
There are multiple reasons why dogs don't eat. Sometimes we just spoil them rotten and they will hold out for the delicious treats as opposed to their kibble but aside from this, there are also a variety of very medically technical reasons why dogs don't eat. Since I am not a veterinarian, we won't deal with those issues in this article. This article provides potential solutions to the problem. They may not work on every dog, but they do work!
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Eating Without Teeth
Greyhounds with no teeth are not necessarily a common occurrence but greyhounds with only a few teeth certainly are. Most greyhounds' teeth will deteriorate as they age. They will get periodontal disease and may need multiple extractions or even may need all of their teeth removed. Extractions are good for your greyhound. Taking bad teeth out will not only make your greyhound's mouth healthy, but it will make your greyhound will feel better overall.
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Toe Nail Care
Taking care of your dog's nails whether it be a greyhound or other breed is important to the health of their feet and their general well-being.
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